Wednesday, February 21, 2007


When cold of night say hi to me

I take a long breath through the lung

I found the smell is nice

I release it from my stiff lip then say “Subhanallah..”

When I lean and glance up

I doscover million of star which demonstrate the lights

In the emptiness if this night, tha light is so respect with me

I don’t want to make a wish if I saw you fail

But I will say “Subhanallah..”


Would you like to be my friend until the dark disappear?

I know, you comes with the massages for people

Because, however, I had braiding your lights and I found something that worth

You know, your is line the shape hand



It seems like I own you

I’m looking at you who making a dome

Yap! Dome. Dome decorating observance house

Yap! You are the sign that I live in the house of God


I know if I praise you, the land must be jealous

Because your light seems like talking to me and I must hear it carefully

I want to fly and raise you even it only one

I want to put you in my room to disappeared all misery

But, you must be don’t want to because I’m too selfish for that

10:46 PM


Name: Ema Fitriana Madi
From: Kendari, South East Sulawesi, Indonesia
About me: Suka Garfield, suka nonton, and hobby nya ktawa... orang gila kali yee..


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